The Biggest IPOs of 2020

The Biggest IPOs of 2020

Businesses that went public in 2020 risked a lot, yet they were rewarded with billions of dollars. Let' look at some of the hottest examples of successful IPOs in 2020.

Electric vehicles revolution - Li Auto and Xpeng

The two Chinese electric vehicles manufacturers went public last summer: Li Auto on July 30 and Xpeng on August 27. They both revealed raising more than $1 billion. After the IPOs, their stocks have multiplied, proving the tremendous opportunity for EV companies in today's market.

The intense rivalry between NIO, XPeng, LI Auto, and Tesla can only boost the market, with demand in China, Europe, and U.S skyrocketing.


On September 16, Snowflake, a technology company specializing in cloud-computing services, went public, raising around $3.4 billion in the process and hitting a market value far above $33 billion. Even Warren Buffett purchased $250 million worth of Snowflake stock at the IPO price via Berkshire Hathaway, later adding $485 million value of more shares from Robert Muglia, former CEO of #Snowflake.

The stock more than doubled, hitting $300 apiece, up from $120 on the IPO day.


On September 30, Palantir went public on the New York Stock Exchange in a direct listing, raising more than $2.57 billion. The company's stock has tripled since that day, reaching $31 on February 2, 2021. The market cap of Palantir hit $54 billion, well above what it aimed in the first place with the IPO.

Palantir has proven itself as a worthy rival for Microsoft and Amazon in the significant-tech arena with its public listing performance.

From food distribution to home-rental - DoorDash and Airbnb

On December 9 and December 10, two of the biggest IPOs of 2020 took place in successive days, with both #DoorDash and #Airbnb raising equal sums of money: $3.37 billion and $3.51 billion, respectively.

With more than 18 million clients, 1 million food distribution agents, and 390,000 merchants on its site, DoorDash controls 50% of the U.S. prepared-food delivery industry. DoorDash soared 85% over its initial IPO price on its stock market debut after it opened at $182/share.

There were similar findings for Airbnb, the giant home-sharing rental platform with more than 2 million users. The company's shares more than doubled on its stock market debut, almost hitting $150/apiece.

E-commerce never dies –

The mobile-focused e-commerce site,, priced the shares at $24 for its IPO, becoming the third company headquartered in San Francisco to raise more than $1 billion in December, after DoorDash and Airbnb Inc. stock has jumped more than 28% since December 16, 2020, reaching $29.15/share.

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