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With our dedicated online trading courses, you are sure to take your trading experience to a whole new level! offers you a complete set of educational resources which you can use to improve your knowledge whether you are a beginner trader or an expert in the field.

  • Beginners
  • Experts
  • Learning time: 26 min
    4 Videos

    Forex Beginners Courses

    What you learn:

    • What is the Forex Market
    • What are Buying and Selling Rates
    • How to use Stop Loss or Take Profit when you decide to trade
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    Learning time: 10 min
    4 Videos

    CFDs and Shares

    What you learn:

    • What Contracts for Difference are
    • Why trade Contracts for Difference
    • Which are the main advantages of trading Contracts for Difference
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    Learning time: 4 min
    6 Videos

    Forex Beginner's Videos

    What you learn:

    • How to distribute risks across markets
    • What passive and aggressive investments are
    • How to trade Currency Pairs
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    Learning time: 3 min
    3 Videos

    Forex Terms Videos

    What you learn:

    • What Short and Long positions are
    • How Pips are calculated
    • What a Take Profit Order is
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  • Learning time 150 min
    1 Ebook

    Advanced Forex E-book

    What you learn:

    • How to invest like a proficient trader
    • What successful Capital Management is
    • How to do Market Analysis
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    Learning time 75 min
    10 Videos

    Trading Strategies

    What you learn:

    • How experts use trading strategies
    • What the major trading strategies are
    • How to optimise strategies for different instruments
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    Learning time 4 min
    5 Videos

    Forex Expert's Videos

    What you learn:

    • How to use advanced Patterns
    • What Support and Resistance lines are
    • How to use Passive and Aggressive Rules
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    Learning time 35 min
    9 Videos

    Advanced Trading Tools

    What you learn:

    • How to use the Japanese candlesticks
    • What all the major Bullish and Bearish trading patterns are
    • How to analyse the market movements
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मुख्‍य ट्रेडिंग अनुभव

स्‍ट्रेटजियों और ट्रेडिंग निर्णयों में सपोर्ट देने के लिए ClickTrades ट्रेडरों को समाचार और बाजार विश्लेषण ऑफर करता है। डिपॉजिट और निकासियों पर टाइट स्प्रेड, उच्च लीवरेज और जीरो कमीशन का उपयोग करना ClickTrades में शामिल है।*

*100USD/EUR/GBP या किसी अन्य मुद्रा के समतुल्य से कम निकासी योग्य राशि के लिए, शुल्क/शुल्क ग्राहक द्वारा कवर किए जाएंगे। (लाभार्थी लागतों का भुगतान करेगा - BEN).

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