With our dedicated online trading courses, you are sure to take your trading experience to a whole new level! ClickTrades.com offers you a complete set of educational resources which you can use to improve your knowledge whether you are a beginner trader or an expert in the field.

  • Beginners
  • Experts
  • Learning time: 26 min
    4 Videos

    Forex Beginners Courses

    What you learn:

    • What is the Forex Market
    • What are Buying and Selling Rates
    • How to use Stop Loss or Take Profit when you decide to trade
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    Learning time: 10 min
    4 Videos

    CFDs and Shares

    What you learn:

    • What Contracts for Difference are
    • Why trade Contracts for Difference
    • Which are the main advantages of trading Contracts for Difference
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    Learning time: 4 min
    6 Videos

    Forex Beginner's Videos

    What you learn:

    • How to distribute risks across markets
    • What passive and aggressive investments are
    • How to trade Currency Pairs
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    Learning time: 3 min
    3 Videos

    Forex Terms Videos

    What you learn:

    • What Short and Long positions are
    • How Pips are calculated
    • What a Take Profit Order is
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  • Learning time 150 min
    1 Ebook

    Advanced Forex E-book

    What you learn:

    • How to invest like a proficient trader
    • What successful Capital Management is
    • How to do Market Analysis
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    Learning time 75 min
    10 Videos

    Trading Strategies

    What you learn:

    • How experts use trading strategies
    • What the major trading strategies are
    • How to optimise strategies for different instruments
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    Learning time 4 min
    5 Videos

    Forex Expert's Videos

    What you learn:

    • How to use advanced Patterns
    • What Support and Resistance lines are
    • How to use Passive and Aggressive Rules
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    Learning time 35 min
    9 Videos

    Advanced Trading Tools

    What you learn:

    • How to use the Japanese candlesticks
    • What all the major Bullish and Bearish trading patterns are
    • How to analyse the market movements
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