About Us – How we began

Ever since our first steps on the market, our purpose was to change the way online trading is seen by investors, whether they are beginners or already have experience in the financial field.

Clicktrades – The company’s mission

At Clicktrades.com we focus on our clients - and their needs. As a result, we provide every trader with the necessary resources for the ultimate trading experience, and we take pride in developing strategies that educate each one of our customers.

Our goals

We are constantly working to improve our platform and trading conditions so that you can have the best trading experience on the market. 

  • Keeping Your Information Safe

    Clicktrades.com is fully committed to always keeping your funds and information safe, while sustaining the highest standards when it comes to security and data protection for client data.

  • Supporting Transparency

    We believe that transparency is the foundation of trust and customer care. With our unique suite of services and tailored solutions, we aim to bring a greater visibility to the online markets while making traders more aware of the opportunities they can unlock.

  • Fulfilling Your Needs

    We’re strong promoters of innovative perspectives. That’s why we’ve chosen an award-winning platform that’s intuitive and easy to use, trained our teams to offer personalized support to traders and wrapped everything up into our custom offers.

  • Making the Markets Accessible

    The online markets don’t have to be a puzzle. Professional tools, extensive resources and elite support can turn any investor into a serious trader.

Keeping Your Information Safe

Keeping Your Information Safe

Clicktrades.com is fully committed to always keep your funds and information safe.

Our main commitment is following the highest standards in ethical trading and transparency, taking all measures to keep the funds of our clients safe.

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