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Developed by an award-winning company specialised in market analytics and research, Trading Central will optimise your trading sessions, whether you are a beginner or an expert trader.

A Dynamic Analysis Tool for Every Trader

At Clicktrades you will be backed in your trading decisions by a top-leading analysis tool, Trading Central, which comes integrated into our platform and is developed by a brand that has supported investment decisions since 1999. *

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* Trading Central is available for traders only under certain conditions.

Pick Up Outstanding Technical Analysis Tips

Trading Central, a dynamic and efficient product, provides traders access to a multitude of technical indicators that come in hand for an extremely wide range of assets – Shares, Commodities, Indices, Forex, ETFs and Bonds. Trading Central, which is a Certified Member of three Independent Research Providers (IRP) Associations, supports investors through a dedicated chartist methodology to choose the strategies that suit their trading styles.

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Trading Central Top Features

  • Fully integrated into our platform

    Focus on trading the markets while an efficient built-in software that supplies you with daily market data for your strategies.

  • Independent support from third parties

    Define and evaluate your trading plans by using certified & relevant information from awarded third-party providers!

  • Fundamental analytics on popular CFD instruments

    Increase your knowledge on your favourite instruments with extensive technical and fundamental analysis reports.

  • Mobile friendly

    A rich functionality on any mobile device will make the markets easier to access whenever you feel like trading!